How To Use A Roof Safety System

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Are you planning on painting your roof? Cleaning your gutters? Fixing some roof tiles?

Anytime that you are going to access your roof, you need to ensure that you are reducing risk and preventing hazards. From a height of two meters, any construction work becomes a high-risk activity.

In Australian workplaces, half of the falls that resulted in a fatality involved distances of less than three meters.

Careful planning and using the correct method and suitable equipment to access your roof will reduce the risk of falls.

Here are some tips gathered by the leading roof safety authorities in Australia to help you to understand how to use a roof safety system.

How To Use A Roof Safety System


According to Safe Work Australia, ladders must be situated on a solid and stable surface.

Ladder brackets can be used to prevent slippage and horizontal movement of the ladder.

Keep three points of contact with the ladder at all times.

Ladders should be used with a slope of 4:1 in a fully opened position.

Ladders should be capable of handling the weighted rating of both the user and any equipment and materials carried by the individual.

Roof Anchor Points

Roof anchor points should only be used if they have been annually certified and have been assessed to be in good working order.

The anchor point should be used according to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Sayfa highlights that when using roof safety anchors you will need to take into consideration the length of the lanyard, the location of the anchor point, and any lengthening energy-absorbing sections of the height safety system.

Safety Harness

Safety harnesses should be strapped on according to the guidelines of the manufacturer. The safety harness should be thoroughly assessed before use to ensure it is in good working order and there are no rips or loose buckles or attachments.

The safety harness should be adjusted to ensure a snug fit. You must be able to squat comfortably without tension on the body

Do You Need A Roof Safety System Installed?

Sydney Anchor Points is a team of experienced and qualified height safety professionals that installs and certifies a complete range of height safety solutions in the Sydney region. With a diverse base of clients throughout the region, Sydney Anchor Points is the key to creating a safe working environment on your roof.

What type of roof safety system do you need?

Reliable advice and class-leading workmanship are central to the Sydney Anchor Points team.

Never mess around with safety. Engage the services of your local professionals to ensure you can use your roof safety system with confidence.

If you would like roof anchor points, ladder brackets or a roof access hatch installed on your residential, strata or commercial property, Sydney Anchor Points is ready to assist. The company website has a wealth of information to help you choose the best type of anchor point for your roof type and intended use of the height safety system.

Sydney Anchor Points

Address: 14/5-7 Prosperity Parade, Warriewood NSW 2102

Phone: (02) 8020 5777


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