The Expert Guide To Window Cleaning And Window Maintenance

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The Expert Guide To Window Cleaning And Maintenance

Besides seeing the view and keeping your partner happy, what other good reasons are there for keeping our windows clean and well maintained? 

When windows are clean it sends a strong message about our home and business. First impressions count.

Keeping your windows dirt-free and airtight can help with the energy efficiency of your home in two ways. First, they allow you to maximize passive solar gain during the winter months. Secondly, maintaining a good seal helps improve the efficiency of both your heating and air-conditioning. This means you save on electricity bills.

Clean and well-maintained windows add to the quality of your home and resale value.

So what is a simple way to accomplish all this? 

We asked Ryan, who is a professional window cleaner from Sydney with many years of experience, to give us 4 tips on how to keep your windows clean, clear and moving freely.

#1 How Regularly Should I Clean My Windows?

Well, it can depend on a few factors, firstly the type of building and the surrounding environment.

Residential - If you want your home to maintain that light airy feeling with clean glass, then I would recommend having them cleaned or cleaning them every 3 to 6 months, that should be sufficient in most instances". 

Often the question of how often to clean your windows depends on the personal expectation of what you consider to be clean. Secondly, it will also depend on environmental factors such as if you live near the ocean or in a wet environment, if you have children or pets and then of course how much you prize your view.

Retail and Commercial - a fortnightly to monthly cleaning program is usually what we recommend, especially in the high traffic areas. Road works, construction and other environmental factors could require the windows need cleaning more frequently.

Hospitality - Properties in the hospitality industry, including cafes, restaurants and bars require a unique approach. In this industry, the windows will need frequent cleaning and usually have a weekly clean. Handprints, smears and smudges all find their way onto glass doors and windows and can give a bad impression to the customer.

#2 What Is In The Window Cleaning Kit?

Again, it depends on the size, how many and accessibility of your windows.

Basically, every cleaning kit will include:

All of which can be purchased from a hardware or cleaning supply store.

#3 How Do I Do It?

The method will need to match the style of the window. So as an example we can use a basic, medium-sized window found in most homes or shops.

Step 1. Remove the fly-screen and use the brush to remove dirt and debris from the window frame.

Step 2. Wash the window thoroughly using the cleaning solution mixed with water on the applicator. High grime areas may need extra attention e.g: handprints.

Step 3. Using your squeegee, in a methodical pattern from top to bottom remove the water.

Step 4. Check window frame edges and around stickers for any drips or marks left over from the cleaning process, these can easily be removed with your dry lint-free cloth.

Step 5. Wipe the bottom of the window sill and adjacent floor area with the towel.

#4 Professional tips

Here are some bonus tips so your window cleaning efforts look as good as the professionals.

So you can see looking after your windows need not take a lot of time or money, but the pay off is considerable. Gifting your family a clear view and a light airy space in which to live as well as adding value to your home or business. Just remember first impressions count.

The #1 Sydney Window Cleaning Team

Would you like to engage the services of a professional window cleaning firm to provide your windows with a streak-free finish? Clean My Windows has been providing class-leading window cleaning services for apartments, offices, homes and businesses on the North Shore of Sydney for more than 15 years. With a team of highly qualified window cleaning technicians, you can rely on Clean My Windows for expert results.

Visit the window cleaning Sydney website or call the team today for a free window cleaning quote. 

The team services all suburbs on the North Shore, Northern Beaches, Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs and Hills District of Sydney.

Clean My Windows

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