5 Expert Tips For Painting Your Pool

Is the paint in your pool bubbling, blistering or cracking? When left unchecked, crackling pool paint can lead to serious problems that necessitate expensive repairs. To assist you in properly maintaining your pool paint, here are 5 expert tips for painting your pool.

Tip 1 Do Not DIY

There is a wealth of DIY guides online, but there is also an abundance of misinformation. If you came here hoping to find some tips to help paint your pool quicker and easier, we are sorry, but this is one job that is best left to the professionals. Why?

Tip 2 Make Sure The Right Paint Is Used

While we are not recommending you paint the pool yourself, we do recommend making sure that you oversee which paint is used. Do some research on the different types of epoxy pool paint, rubber based pool paint, chlorinated rubber pool paint, synthetic pool paint and water-based acrylic pool paint. Choose the best option that matches the requirements of your pool and outdoor lifestyle as well as your budget. Some pool maintenance companies will only use specific brands of paint as they have contracts with the paint manufacturer. If a contractor is pushing you to use a paint that you do not like, this should be sounding some warning bells.

Tip 3 Review Your Insurance Policy

What does your home insurance say about draining your pool for maintenance? While you might assume that this is covered by your home insurance, have you confirmed this with your insurer?

Tip 4 Choose The Right Time Of Year 

Depending on the size, type and location of the pool, it generally takes about 5 days to drain, prepare the surfaces, paint and finish the surfaces of a family swimming pool. For the project to be completed successfully, you will need 5 days of rain-free weather.

Tip 5 Painting Your Pool Is A Great Investment

One of the quickest ways to waste your money on a pool is to not keep up a regular maintenance schedule. Preventative maintenance is the easiest and most cost-effective way of ensuring your pool lasts for decades without needing expensive repairs. While it may seem so much cheaper to try and paint your pool yourself, when you consider the reduced risk and extended benefits of engaging the services of a professional pool maintenance contractor, this is a savvy long-term investment for your property.

The Best Shepparton Pool Company

For the very best pool maintenance services in Victoria, rely on Aquazone Pools & Spas. With over 25 years experience designing, constructing and maintaining pools throughout Shepparton, Bendigo, Echuca, Wangaratta and Melbourne, Aquazone Pools & Spas have the expertise and experience you can rely on.

Family owned and operated, Aquazone Pools & Spas focuses on quality workmanship and friendly service.

Utilising the latest filtration systems and advanced operating systems, Aquazone Pools & Spas can help you spend more time relaxing in your pool and less time cleaning it.

To explore the complete range of services the team provides, you are invited to visit the Shepparton Pool website today.

If you have any questions about the best maintenance techniques for your pool, do not hesitate in giving the team a call.

Aquazone Pools & Spas

Address: Shepparton VIC, Australia

Phone: 03 5822 0266

Website: http://www.aquazonepools.com.au/

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