How To Install Roof Anchor Points

Whenever you are dealing with heights, safety needs to be the first priority. One little slip, one lapse of concentration can lead to devastating consequences. There have been a lot of tragic instances where families have lost a father, a brother, or a son due to falls from height at a work site.

If you think that you only need to worry about height safety when you are a few stories up, the statistics might shock you.

Half of the falls that resulted in a fatality over the last three years involved distances of less than three meters.

So before you even think about applying a coat of heat reflective paint, before you start to climb your roof to clean your gutters, take the time to establish whether you have a height safety system that is going to provide you with a safe working environment.

So to help you to establish a safe working environment on your roof, this guide has been developed to answer the following questions:

Who Can Install A Roof Anchor Point?

If you were hoping that installing roof anchor points was a DIY job that you could save some money on, there is some bad news! Only certified roof anchor point installers can install roof anchor points in Sydney. When you consider the consequences of a faulty roof safety system, you can understand why the authorities only permit fully licensed and insured installers to install safe roof access systems. This is not a job for amateurs. Height safety is no laughing matter and requires industry experts who have a thorough understanding of the risks involved.

How Can You Install A Roof Anchor Point?

As you can not legally install a roof anchor point, it is necessary to engage the services of a professional roof anchor point installer. What can help you identify a firm that you can rely on?

How Often Do Roof Anchor Points Need To Be Certified?

Roof anchor points need to be certified annually in New South Wales. The certification process ensures that they are in good working order. Upon passing the test, a written certificate of compliance should be presented valid for 12 months.

What Australian Standards Relate To Roof Anchor Points?

There is a lot of standards, laws and regulations that relate to height safety systems in New South Wales. For the most up-to-date information, you should consult an industry expert to ensure that your roof anchor points comply with the requirements from relevant legislative bodies. The main standards you will need to have a thorough understanding of are AS/NZS 1891:4 Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices selection, use and maintenance and AS/NZS 5532. Even though AS/NZS 5532 is currently under review, SafeWork NSW highlights that products are expected to comply with the standards set forth in this document until a new standard is presented. If you can not comprehend the terminology, or you do not have the time or motivation to have a thorough understanding of the standards, enlist the assistance of an industry professional at Sydney Anchor Points to assist. There is no point going through the hard work of installing a roof safety device if it does not provide the needed safety.

What Are The Best Value For Money Anchor Points In Australia?

There is no shortage of anchor point options in Australia. From temporary to permanent, made in Australia to made overseas, from budget to premium price tags, there is no shortage of anchor points available. So what is the best value for money anchor point that offers superior quality protection on a budget?

There is a common agreement from industry experts in Sydney that the best value for money roof anchor point is the SafetyLink FrogLink Roof Anchor. Constructed from the highest grade 316 stainless steel, these single person energy absorbing anchors provide multi-directional fall protection suitable for a wide range of uses. Complying with all relevant anchor point manufacturing standards, the SafetyLink FrogLink Roof Anchor is quick and easy to install, yet offers class-leading fall protection. Rated to 15kN, this is the roof anchor you want to rely on for superior protection and confidence.

If you would like SafetyLink FrogLink roof anchors installed on your roof, the first team that you should call is Sydney Anchor Points.

Why Rely On Sydney Anchor Points?

Since 1999, the crew at Sydney Anchor Points have been installing roof anchor points, ladder brackets and roof access hatches all over the Sydney region. The team of highly-skilled installers and certifiers provide the highest standard of workmanship teamed with professional customer service.

From single story residential properties to multi-level strata complexes, Sydney Anchor Points offers a comprehensive range of first-class height safety services. Offering all-in-one packages, so that you do not have to worry about a thing, Sydney Anchor Points is raising the standard of height safety in Sydney.

It does not matter about the construction of your roof, whether it be tile, concrete or metal, Sydney Anchor Points offers a range of solutions to suit your needs and budget.

If you are ready to have premium quality roof anchor points installed on your roof, call the team or visit the company website today. They are happy to provide a free quote and will answer any questions you have about what options will best suit your requirements.

From Penrith to Bondi and from the Sutherland Shire to the Central Coast, Sydney Anchor Points is your local team of height safety experts. There is no job too complicated or too small. With an enviable reputation as industry leaders and innovators, the team at Sydney Anchor Points are committed to keeping their 5-star rating intact.

Call today and enjoy the satisfaction and confidence of working safely on your roof.

Sydney Anchor Points

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