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HeatReflectivePaints.net.au compares heat reflective paints which, as explained on the home page, often resort to false or misleading advertising to confuse or dupe the consumer and gain a competitive edge.

Yes of course we're neutral when comparing, but you shouldn't take our word for it. Read our reviews! Note the technical facts presented as clearly as possible. You can verify them against what the manufacturer reports to see we're not just making it all up, but simply having them laid out in this consistent and transparent manner with all concepts explained (like SRI) helps you make an informed choice.

We have some experience with Heat Reflective Paints, but we don't actually draw as much on that as our ability to consume and critically review manufacturers and distributors advertising and technical specification data.

If you have a heat reflective paint you'd like us to review, please contact us and supply any information you have. We will review, scrutinise, analyse and verify the information and then compare the paint!

So how do you make money?
We don't! Actually, the hosting for this site is funded by the advertising you see at the top, side and bottom of each page. Because of the large amounts of time it takes to wade through the reams of misinformation on Heat Reflective Paints, it looks like this site will be more of a passion than a business!
rays bouncing off a heat reflective paint roof  Compare roof paint brands, technical data & where to buy
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