How To Pressure Clean Painted Concrete

Are you searching for an easy and effective way of pressure cleaning painted surfaces? You have come to the right place. 

Read on to find a simple and effective method of cleaning painted surfaces using a standard commercial pressure cleaning machine.

First of all, great work on researching the proper techniques before you start the project. There are countless stories of property owners blasting off the paint on their stencilled driveways. In just a few minutes you can create a costly mess on your driveway or painted concrete surface if you do not use the right techniques.

Thankfully, if you use the right equipment, techniques and settings, you can safely and effectively clean your painted concrete surfaces. If you have the budget to spare, engaging the services of a professional pressure cleaning firm, such as pressure cleaning Central Coast will ensure you are provided with awesome results without even breaking a sweat.

But if you are happy to tread the DIY path, then read on.

Routine pressure washing of your stencilled driveway will keep your concrete surface looking great and can extend its lifespan.

1 - Choose The Right Equipment

Ryobi, Karcher, and Gerni all offer reliable pressure cleaners that are suitable for basic residential use. Though they do not have the power and durability of professional pressure washing machinery, they offer excellent ease-of-use and maneuverability. Read the owners manual to ensure that you know all of the relevant features and safety standards associated with your pressure cleaner. A standard commercial 1500-2000 watt pressure cleaner is suitable for most domestic applications.

2 - Set The Pressure

Most manufacturers recommend setting your pressure cleaner to a pressure rating of about 3,00PSI with a flow rate of 15L per minute. This ensures you will have enough pressure to blast away stubborn stains without risking damaging the painted surface.

3 - Keep Your Angle

Avoid spraying directly onto the surface. Keep the angle at about 45 to the surface. Use long smooth strokes to ensure an even clean. If there is any slope on the surface, work from the highest point downwards.

4 - Do You Have Stubborn Stains?

If the high-pressure water is not removing the stains, then you will need a degreasing agent to lift the stains. Follow the instructions of the degreasing agent, but make sure that you allow it enough time to soak into the stains. 

5 - Seal The Surface

The difference between an amateur and professional pressure cleaner is whether they seal the surface once they have cleaned it. For long-lasting results, take the time to apply a sealant onto the concrete surface. 

For the best value pressure cleaning services on the Central Coast of NSW, contact the team at All Coast House Washing. The locally owned and operated company are committed to offering first-rate service and workmanship. Visit the pressure cleaning Gosford website for a free quote.

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