How To Remove Paint Stains From Your Rug Or Carpet

If you are painting your roof with heat reflective paint it is very unlikely that you are going to spill any on your carpet, if you do we would be interested in how you did it because that would take some unique skills.

But we will assume that you have finished painting your roof and now you are giving your house interior a refresh with a brand new coat of paint.

You have done all the hard work of preparing the surfaces and laying down drop sheets, well done.

But once the job is completed and you start folding up your drop sheets you see right there on the carpet some big paint spots staring back at you! Whether it was from tears or frays in your drop sheet, tape that was ripped off the wall during the painting process or improper folding of the drop cloth, there is no doubt a massive sense of frustration and anxiety when you find paint spots on your carpet or rug.

So how do professionals remove paint spots from carpet?

The technique varies for both the type of paint that was used and the type of carpet the stain is on.

How To Remove Water Based Paint From Carpet

Before we discuss the specific techniques for removing stains from your carpet, it is important to highlight the golden rule of stain removal:

Acting quickly is vital.

The sooner you can attend to the stain, the easier it will be to remove.

Is the paint still wet?

If it is, this is an easy fix. Simply blot the spot with a wet paper towel. Note, that you should not rub or scrub, but instead blot. By pushing with slight force and rotating your wrist you will be able to lift up the stain as opposed to pushing the paint further down into the fibres of the carpet. Repeat the process until there is no visible paint left on the carpet. Reexamine in an hour once the carpet is dry to ensure there is no lasting stain. Vacuum once the area is dry.

Is the paint dry?

Create a solution of warm water with some normal dishwashing detergent. Using a clean white rag damp with the solution, gently blot the stain from the outside working in. The paint should transfer onto the cloth. Continue to change the area of the cloth to ensure you are blotting with a clean surface. Keep blotting until all visible stain is removed. Vacuum once the area is dry.

As you can see, if you have spilled water-based paint on your carpet, there is no reason to cry. It is an easy fix and the stain can normally be completed removed without any professional assistance.

How To Remove Oil Based Paint From Carpet

There are a few suggested techniques that you can use.

Steam Method

If the oil based paint is dry, use a steamer to soften the stain so that it can be removed.

Pick at the stain using a blunt object that will not damage the attached carpet fibres. Try and break up the paint. As the steam softens the paint it should be able to be separated from the carpet.

Turpentine Method

Turpentine is obtained from the sap of pine trees and works extremely well as a solvent. Here is a technique to utilise the solvent power of turpentine for removing paint stains from your carpet. Blot any wet paint with a clean white rag. Be careful that you do not push any paint further down into the carpet. Apply some Turpentine onto a clean section of the cloth. Turpentine will help separate the paint from the fibres of the carpet. Once the stain is removed, rinse all turpentine off the carpet fibres with a clean wet cloth. Vacuum once the area is dry.

How To Remove Paint From An Oriental Rug

Traditional Oriental and Persian rugs are hand-crafted by master artisans who spend years perfecting their form of art. Each rug combines different colours and patterns to tell a regional story. Handmade Oriental rugs can significantly increase in value over the years if they are properly maintained. It is for this reason, if you spill some paint on your precious Persian rug you have due reason to worry.

Unlike commercial carpets that are designed to withstand the rigours of walking traffic and regular use, hand-woven rugs are not designed with this durability in mind.

So if you spill any type of paint on your rug, it is time to call in the professionals.

Cleaning rugs and cleaning carpet are totally separate fields. Cleaning your Persian rug with carpet cleaning solutions would be like cleaning your hair with dishwashing liquid.

Specialised rug cleaning spot removers use enzymes to remove stains without damaging the delicate fibres and dyes that make your rug so beautiful.

Which Sydney Rug Cleaning Company Should You Trust?

Oriental Rug Care is a family owned and operated rug maintenance company that has been providing first-rate rug cleaning services for almost a decade. The highly-skilled rug technicians make light work of even the most nefarious stains.

From hideous red wine stains to stubborn oil-based paint stains, the rug cleaning technicians combine time-honoured hand washing techniques with the most advanced rug spotting technologies to produce class-beating results.

With free rug pick-up and drop-off, Oriental Rug Care is committed to offering a convenient and hassle-free service.

If you have spilt some paint on your Persian rug, remember the golden rule of rug cleaning, acting quickly is vital".

Do not delay in giving the team at Oriental Rug Care a call today. Not only will they be happy to provide you with a free spot removal quote, but they will also generously provide you with helpful suggestions so that you can minimise the impact of the stain.

Quality service, unbeatable results and competitive rates.

Call today or visit the rug cleaning Northern Beaches website to get the process started.

And next time, please try and take better care of your rug.

Oriental Rug Care of Australia

Address: 23 Shepherd St, Marrickville NSW 2204

Phone: (02) 9018 1510


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