The Best Power Tools For Roof Maintenance


Are you a tradesman that uses his trusted tools day in and day out? Or are you an office-bound DIY warrior who relishes the unwind factor of doing some physical work on the weekend? Regardless of your walk in life, we all agree that having the right tool for the job is always a pleasure. On the other hand, struggling on a 5-minute job for 2 hours due to improvising with the wrong tool for the job is a frustration that we can all do without. If you are on the lookout for specialist tools and brands that extend far beyond the generic collection of off-the-rack tools available at your local hardware, look no further than the Sydney tools website. The following ingenious contraptions are just 5 of the many super high quality, specialist tools available at value for money prices through F & K Tools:

1) Festool Random Orbital Sander 

Do not bother with an old-school standard orbital sander or even a spinning sanding disk. Random orbitals are officially the best sander out there. A random orbital sander oscillates (orbits) and spins at the same time, making the sanding motion completely non-uniform or random. So why does that matter? Because this randomised pattern means you do not have to worry about which direction you are sanding in. For example: If you are sanding your prized wooden coffee table, and you are going for the varnished woodgrain look, you will need to be very careful to not sand across the grain. If you do, the minute scratches will be visible after varnishing. This can be especially tricky if you are working with spliced timber slats which all have their own unique grain directions. With a random orbital, none of that matters. Just start with your rougher sandpaper like 80 or 120-grit, and gradually work your way down to the finer papers such as 240 or 380-grit. We especially love the ETSC 125 cordless random orbital by Festool because you do not have to worry about any cumbersome cords and because of its compact, ergonomic design.

2) Festool Dust Extractor 

Maybe you want to sand a kitchen bench or piano top and you do not want to transport it into the garage. But if you do it inside, the dust is going to be a housekeeping nightmare. That is where a dust extractor comes in handy. It is essentially a big vacuum cleaner, but it is so much more. Simply plug the hose from the dust extractor into your power tool, whether that is a sander, power saw or grinder any other power-tool that creates dust, and then pull the trigger. The dust extractor has a built-in power-point into which you can plug your power-tool. Immediately on starting the power tool, the dust extractor automatically switches on, and the powerful suction pulls in any dust before it has a chance to escape. We are recommending the CTL 36 Hepa Dust Extractor by Festool because of its strength and durability, and also because it is a perfect partner for the above mentioned Festool random orbital sander.

3) DeWalt Plunge Saw 

For those wondering what on earth a plunge saw is, basically it is a saw that allows you to create laser accurate cuts with ease. The easier option would be to type in plunge saw on youtube to see exactly how it works, but in crude terms, it is a saw that comes with a rail that eliminates all deviation while cutting. For example, maybe you have a timber door that you want to cut just 5mm off of the bottom so that it will swing properly. Simply clamp the special plunge-saw-rail into place, clip the saw into position on the rail, and cut away. Perfect cuts, every time! We recommend the DeWalt 54V plunge saw bare XR Flex which also has a dust outlet that works very nicely with an extractor like the one mentioned above. 

4) Milwaukee Jobsite Radio 

Hard work is so much harder without music right? But what if you are working on an unpowered job site too far from any power outlets? With a proper job site radio, gone are the days of having to endure the crackly old silver radio that keeps loosing station and has zero bass. These radios come complete with an MP3 player or Bluetooth to your phone if you prefer music on demand. And the best thing is that it operates on the same battery as your power tools of the same brand, giving you hours of crystal clear sound without having to plug in. You definitely will not be disappointed with the M18 Jobsite Radio 18V Digital Radio from Milwaukee on the F & K tools website.   

5) Honda Mini Generator 

The last tool that everyone should have is a Honda standby generator. These generators are sometimes as small as a briefcase but can run high energy consuming power tools like grinders and airless spray guns with ease. They are also the perfect charging station for your cordless power-tool batteries as well. The small size and careful design makes them quiet, economical to run and very conveniently transportable in the back of your car. One of the best things about a mini-Generator though is that its compact and quiet design makes it a perfect power-source for leisure activities like camping and days at the beach. Keep your beers cool all weekend with the EU10l Generator by Honda. 

Why Shop at F & K Tools?

If you are suitably enthused by the above showcasing of tantalising tools, please feel free to have a browse around on the F & K Tools website. Their intuitive online shopping experience is sure to get you brimming with confidence to tackle your next big project, knowing that the right tools for the job are at your disposal. Have a look at just a hand-full of the high-quality power-tool and accessory brands they supply: 

With free shipping on all orders of $100 or more Sydney wide, why not log on and check out or visit in person at 86-88 Parramatta Rd Stanmore or 283A Victoria Rd Rydalmere. Opening hours are 7-5 on weekdays and 8-1 on Saturdays. F & K Tools, your one-stop store for quality tools at the right price.

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