Insulating Paint

Different Names

Insulating Paint, commonly marketed as reducing the amount of heat build up in your home, is not heat reflective paint, and heat reflective paints are not insulators.

Insulating paint contains particles that attempt to insulate between the difference in temperature between your home and the outside air. They are typically applied much thicker than regular or heat reflective paints. An example is this paint from NuTech.

Heat reflective paints do not attempt to insulate your home. They are more like prevention rather than treatment. Heat reflective paints prevent heat build up by reflecting as much solar radiation as possible (light) and conducting or emitting as much heat as possible (this is the opposite to an insulator) since the small amount of light that is absorbed by the paint is turned into heat and needs to be released back into the atmosphere so it doesn't heat up your home.

So are insulating paints effective? When I compare the thickness of an insulating paint with that of insulating batts, I'm very skeptical that anything so thin could have a significant insulating effect on my home. The insulating layer on my travel mug is thicker than that... 

Suffice to say they are not heat reflective paints and are not rated by SRI.
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