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Astec Heat Reflective PaintsAstec have been in paint since 1978 but their Heat Reflective range only started in 2006. They have put a big emphasis on their energy ratings and information, as well as their wide choice of colors, which is something of a paradox as the outstanding energy rating information comes from their White paint.

The Astec website is atrocious but since the Energy Star Heat Reflective range is new it is much more user-friendly. There is an explanatory video and brochure downloads.

The general statements of 50% solar reflectivity are converted by Astec into a saving of 15%-20% in interior temperatures. This is approximate as myriads of other factors like insulation, structure and your HVAC will vary from home to home.


Yes, and it's acrylic, so there's no need for extreme protection safety gear, just goggles.
(Note - we're talking about Tileshield or exterior wall product, not their Ceram which is highly toxic and requires respiration.)

Solar Reflective Index (SRI):

112 (white)
The SRI combines reflectivity with emissivity and is an important combined measurement of a heat reflective paint's effectiveness.

44 colors including their admittedly dark 'Slate Grey'.
The darker colors offer around 50% reflectivity compared with 89% for their white.

An Astec promotional video states "Consumers want the option of dark rich colors which otherwise generate the most heat build up" and Astec encourage this fetish of consumer asceticism. We would like to see manufacturers putting more emphasis on making responsible choices rather than  just promoting dark colors that aren't quite as bad for the environment due to their heat reflective properties.

Price tag:

$244.55 inc GST for 15 litres, and 
$325.45 inc GST for 20 litres

Note: They don't have an online store, but you can from Astec using their pdf order forms through different distributors depending what state you live in. The state we checked charged $2 per litre for postage and handling.

Coverage Calculator:


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