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Are you searching for free OHS/WHS templates? 

Visit the Integrated Management Systems website today!

This is an awesome Australian resource that provides an impressive range of helpful workplace and safety documentation ready for free download.

The range of ready to download digital documents includes:

Considering that drafting and completing relevant documentation can give you more headaches than actually completing the necessary project, it is a welcome relief to find such helpful documentation online ready for download.

The fact that they are free makes it an even more valuable find.

Who is to thank for providing this helpful range of free documents?

Who Is Assured Health & Safety?

Assured Health & Safety is an experienced team of safety professionals who have established a reputation for providing expert management systems for some of the leading organisations and businesses in Australia. With an expansive range of satisfied clients in a wide range of industries, Assured Health & Safety is an industry innovator and leader.

With more than 20 years of experience, Assured Health & Safety has the expertise to provide innovative platforms, software and systems to assist in implementing Work Health & Safety (OHS), Quality Assurance and Environmental processes.

Each system offered by the Assured Health & Safety team is up to date with all relevant National and International Standards.

Do you need a customised integrated management system for your company?

If you would like to strengthen your existing safety processes and have the documentation and systems to tender for government and high calibre events, engaging the services of Assured Health & Safety is the secret to success.

Create a point of difference between you and your competitors.

What Systems Can Assured Health & Safety Provide?

By providing a diverse range of integrated management systems available for instant download, Assured Health & Safety can help you quickly and easily meet all relevant compliance requirements.

In addition, the Assured Health & Safety team have developed a revolutionary simple platform for online and fully automated inductions, safety meetings and toolbox talks. Create a safer and more efficient organisation by signing up to the first online automated platform that meets the full requirements to a consultation process.

Assured Health & Safety is ready to assist you to effectively implement Workplace Health & Safety (OHS) Quality Assurance and Environmental systems into your business, company or organisation.

Would you like a consultation with an industry expert who can help you identify the exact safety requirements and legislation that affect your business?

By sacrificing a small amount of time to consult with a safety professional you can enjoy the confidence and satisfaction of ensuring that all obligations and requirements are effectively addressed and implemented.

Assured Health & Safety

Phone: 1300 848 355


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