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No matter the site, no matter the weather, No Thru temporary security fencing provides you with a safe and secure means of protecting the perimeter of your site. The unique interlocking design of No Thru temporary fencing ensures it provides superior protection compared to inferior alternatives.

If you need a quick and simple barrier solution, No Thru has exactly what you need.

Interlocking Security Fencing

Whereas traditional security fences can be easily pushed over or removed, the International Patent Pending design of No Thru fences ensures they provide class-leading protection in all environments. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your industrial, residential, commercial or retail site is protected and secure.

The quality design and construction of No Thru temporary fencing ensures it can handle harsh environmental conditions. If you need a secure and manoeuvrable fencing system, No Thru can provide you with a tailored solution to suit your circumstances and budget. If you need a border system that is almost impossible to breach, No Thru can help you with class-leading border protection.

Durable, Flexible & Cost-Effective Fencing Solutions

The rigorous design and testing process of the No Thru fencing system is like no other. This is a unique temporary fencing system that is suitable for quickly establishing national border controls, acute crowd control and protecting valuable assets.

If you would like to discover the unique advantages of the interlocking fencing system, please visit the No Thru website today!

No Thru

Address: 24 John Hooker Street, Islington, NSW, 2296
Phone: +61 (0)401 66 8478

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