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If you are yearning to create nutritious, delicious and crave-worthy meals, then it all starts with finding the best ingredients.

Ask any chef what is the key to bringing to life their award-winning dishes and they will all wax lyrical about the importance of using the highest-quality ingredients.

So where are you sourcing your ingredients? Does your weekly grocery shopping experience involve lining up with the massive queues in one of the two biggest grocery store chains?

There is a better way!

If you live in Sydney, then you can take advantage of a locally owned grocery store with three awesome locations in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Visit the grocery store Sydney website to see why locals can not stop raving about the exceptional service, range and prices at Maloneys Grocer.

The Best Sydney Grocery Store

Maloneys Grocer is the home of market-fresh fruit and vegetables as well as premium-quality meat, seafood, bakery items and groceries. Combining a simple and efficient layout with exceptional food freshness, Maloneys Grocer is fast becoming the most loved Sydney grocery store.

You will love the weekly deals and specials.

Customer service and accessibility of staff have always been a cornerstone of the Maloneys Grocer mission. With a focus on providing stress-free grocery shopping, Maloneys Grocery puts the fun and enjoyment back into grocery shopping.

If variety of products is your priority, then you are going to be won over with the unique range of boutique and gourmet items that you will struggle to find anywhere else in all of Sydney. As Maloneys Grocer is operated by a team of passionate foodies, they know what you need to create delicious meals that will put a smile on the face of even the fussiest diner.

More than just a basic gourmet grocery store, Maloneys Grocer combines a cheese counter, charcuterie and bakery. With a treasure trove of wholesome treats, Maloneys Grocer has something for everyone. Whether you are shopping for a vegan, vegetarian, paleo or juice diet, this is the place to come to find the ingredients you need with prices you will love.

Grocery Shopping Made Easy

So are you ready to eliminate the stress, hassle and frustration from your weekly grocery shopping experience?

It does not matter if you need to pick up some milk and bread on the way home from work or fill up the trolley for your weekly shop, Maloneys Grocer provides an inspirational and uplifting shopping experience.

With ongoing working relationships with some of the most awarded farmers and suppliers in NSW, Maloneys Grocer has access to ethically-sourced coffee beans, organic eggs, hand-made pasta and the most delectable blueberries in all of Australia.

Do not even think about settling for second best. Visit Maloneys Grocer to see for yourself why locals refer to it as The Good Food Place.

Visit one of the three locations in Coogee, Woollahra or Surry Hills today!

For an added bonus, sign up to the company newsletter on the company website to get advance notice of upcoming specials and awesome member-only offers.

Maloneys Grocer - Your new favourite grocery store in Sydney!

Maloneys Grocer

Address: 4/490 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone: (02) 9331 3811


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