The Best Power Tools For Painters

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Are you getting ready to slap a new coat of paint on your roof? Is it finally time to get around to adding a fresh new coat of paint in your living room?

Having the right power tools makes the job a lot easier.

So to help you complete your painting project easier, quicker and more professionally, here are the very best tools and accessories for you to buy from your local power tools store so that you can paint like a pro.


Sanding away flaws in the surfaces is a sure-fire way of creating the smoothest finish. If you are sick and tired of wasting hours using a sanding block, it is time you invest in a professional sander.

So what should you get, an orbital sander or a belt sander?

Why not have both.

Belt Sander

Belt sanders are for big aggressive tasks whereby you need to smooth out really rough large surfaces. If you just need some fine sanding, this is not the tool you are after. But if you have to sand ugly rough walls on the exterior of your property, a belt sander could save you hours, maybe even days, or strenuous sanding time.

Orbital Sander

If a belt sander is like a big V8, then an orbital sander is like a go-cart. Excellent for mobility and tight turns. If your painting project does not require you to remove layers of paint, sealant and rough edges, an orbital sander is the right tool for the job.

Paint Sprayer

Before you get your credit card ready to purchase a new paint sprayer, you should consider whether you really need it. If you have previously painted a house with a paintbrush, you will know that it can be a frighteningly exhausting experience.

So you can easily rationalise that a paint sprayer will make light work of your next painting job. But there is some extra work that you need to do in order to be able to use a paint sprayer.

Everything in the room needs to be covered. You are not just protecting against the odd paint spot. You need to protect everything from fine paint mist, so the prep work can be both time-consuming and stressful.

Additionally, you may reason that since you are not going to use your paint sprayer often, you might as well get a cheaper option. Unfortunately, this is a decision that many DIYers have come to regret. Budget paint sprayers can cause untold headaches as they constantly block up and can cause uneven finishes by even the most experienced tradesmen. You get what you pay for, so if you are in the market for a paint sprayer, make sure you can actually afford to get a pro-level piece of equipment.

Job Site Radio

Whether you are sanding, preparing, painting or cleaning up, every task is easier when you have some music on. Job site radios such as the latest models from Milwaukee can stand up to rigours of being thrown around, while still having the latest accessibility features.

Painters Respirator

We live in an age when we are now very familiar with wearing face masks, but your average N95 surgical face mask is not going to stand up to the challenge if you are using a spray gun. You will need a professional painters respirator if you want to make sure that your lungs are not covered in hazardous paint spray. Looking after your health is one of the most important painting tips that professional painters recommend. Spending a little extra coin and getting a pro-level Maxisafe Painters Respirator kit will ensure that the mask has a comfortable fit that offers protection for even the most extreme grinding, sanding and painting tasks.

Power Drill

There is always a need for a durable, easy to use power drill. Festool is one of the most trusted power tool brands according to Sydney tradesmen, If you take a peek in their toolboxes, you will see that a lot of the highest rated electricians, painters and carpenters in Sydney have a Festool drill driver. Why? This is the most durable, reliable and ergonomic drill driver on the market. Whether you are taking off light switches, stirring paint or disassembling furniture, the Festool drill driver is the simple solution. There are cheaper drills on the market, but there is no more highly regarded drill driver according to the experts that use power drills every day.

Where To Buy The Best Power Tools For Painters?

If you are based in Sydney, there is one Sydney power tools store that stands out head and shoulders above the pack!

F & K Power Tools has been providing the Sydney region with the very best power tools and accessories since 1973. This is a team that is passionate about power tools. They love building, repairing, tinkering and renovating. Over the years they have amassed a wealth of experience to ensure they can help you find the perfect tool for every job.

With close relationships with the leading power tool brands, F & K Power Tools has access to the most powerful, advanced and innovative power tools on the market.

Get your jobs done easier and more professionally with the state of the art tools on offer at F & K Power Tools.

Located in Stanmore in the Inner West of Sydney, F & K Power Tools is perfectly located to ensure you can quickly pop in and grab the tool you need to complete your project. 

Whether you are an experienced tradesman with decades of experience under your tool belt or a complete newcomer to DIY, F & K Power Tools has the tools you need. If you would like to explore the complete range of tools the team have in stock you can visit the company website today. With tools for painters, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, tilers, carpet layers, auto repairers, handymen and DIYers, F & K Power Tools is the perfect place to upgrade your toolbox.

F & K Power Tools

Address: 86-88 Parramatta Rd, Stanmore NSW 2048, Australia 

Phone: 02 9519 7997 


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