How To Get Paint Off Solar Panels

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Cleaning your solar panels is an important means of improving the performance and solar efficiency of your system.

What is the most effective means of removing paint from your solar panels?

Whether your roof painter failed to properly cover your solar panels or it was the consequence of a failed DIY project, if your solar panels have been covered in paint overspray there are a few simple tips to help clean your panels.


When searching online you will often find on directories the suggestion to use a paint scraper to simply scratch off the paint spots as you would on a window. Unfortunately, this is a surefire way to shorten the lifespan of your solar panels.

The hydrophobic and anti-reflective coating on the solar panels can be permanently damaged if harsh chemicals or paint scrapers are used. Extreme care must be used to ensure the structural integrity of the panels is not damaged.

How To Clean Paint Off Solar Panels

Some of the most common suggestions include using a microfibre cloth to brush the area. A mild dishwashing liquid can be used to further assist the process.

The leading solar panel installers in Brisbane use advanced cleaning techniques to remove paint from all types of solar panels, though many of these require expensive equipment. If you would like to pursue this option, please visit the solar panel installers Brisbane website.

In many cases, if there is extreme overspray on the solar panels it can be more effective to install new solar panels.

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