How To Remove Paint Spots From Furniture

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Oh no, how did these paint spots end up here!

If you have ever been faced with nasty paint spots that have appeared on your designer furniture hopefully you have learnt your lesson and will make sure your furniture is properly protected next time there is painting done in your property.

But this article is not for pointing the finger. Instead, we are going to look at the very best techniques for safely and effectively removing accidental paint spots from your furniture.

Obviously the proper technique for removing paint spots depend on the type of furniture and the type of paint. We cannot cover every type of paint and furniture in this article, but hopefully the general principals will help you understand the best approach for your unique circumstances.

Warning: If you attempt any of these techniques, it is at your own risk. Contacting the manufacturer of the paint and the furniture direct is the only assured way of identifying the proper technique for removing paint spots from your unique furniture.

How To Remove Water-Based Paint From Furniture

If there is paint on your furniture, the three words you want to hear are water-based paint.

As long as the paint has not dried, there is great potential for properly removing water-based paint from your fabric and timber furniture without ruining the furniture.


How To Remove Oil-Based Paint From Furniture

This is where things start to get interesting!

Unfortunately, removing oil-based paint from your furniture can pose a greater problem. Oil-based paint cannot be removed from upholstered materials unless a paint thinner is used. The issue is that a lot of common paint thinners can damage the material fabric.


Is It Time For New Furniture?

Unfortunately, some paint spots cannot be removed from certain types of furniture.

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Just be sure to make sure that your new furniture is properly protected before any painting is undertaken in your house!

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